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Made in Japan, Tenyo's jigsaw puzzles are set apart by the perfection of fit that seeks to ensure pleasure and enjoyment in their use. The feel of each piece slipping perfectly into place bespeaks the highest level of quality in the world, made possible only by Tenyo's know-how and technology. A puzzle without this positive tactile feedback given by a perfect fit keeps the user guessing constantly whether he has indeed put it together correctly; with a Tenyo puzzle, the user can fully enjoy the puzzle and the design taking shape piece by piece. In addition, the cut lines are designed by a specialist piece designer, a difference that asserts itself the more experience with puzzle making you have! 

Beserk stocks a small range of Tenyo jigsaw puzzles for you to choose from including the Disney Alice In Wonderland Stained Glass Puzzle, the Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Stained Glass Puzzle and the Disney Alive In Sweets Land Puzzle! We think that Tenyos designs are absolutely adorable, with amazing, colourful puzzles that catch the eye of everyone around. They are all officially licensed so gets your hands on some amazing Disney themed puzzles with Tenyo! 

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