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Smoko is a Los Angeles based company that is dedicated to bringing fun to the workplace! With kitsch and quirky designs that are useful as well as great fun, having both form and function, Smoko has all your workplace, home and office needs covered, even those you didn't know you needed!

Smoko brings fun to the workplace & home with these quirky & interesting designs. For lovers of Tea, stationery, homewares, office wares, bathroom and kitchen wares! Beserk carries a huge range of Smoko's oddities and novelty gifts, including animated cat hats, unicorn pencil cases, trinket dishes, unicorn slippers, greeting cards, Nari Narwhal ambient lights and light-up slippers and much more!

Smoko is Aussie slang for a short break from the daily grind of work. A little moment away from your keyboard and cubicle and just be yourself, stretch your legs and your mind. At Smoko they believe that work and whimsy are not mutually exclusive, therefore they create products that encourage bringing a little fun into your work week! It all started with two little USB hand warmers shaped like toast. Now, they partner with top designers from art and design schools all over America - they collaborate closely with some of the best (and craziest) emerging designers to bring extra un-boring products to your home and office.

Is your kitchen the most boring place in your house? It doesn't have to be with Smoko! The function should always be matched with cuteness! Smoko Inc is also home to the adorable and cuddly family of Ry Ry, Tato, Butta, Crisp, Snuggly and Cuffy. These wonderful characters are available in a number of Smoko products from hand and foot warmers to speakers and other USB-operated products. Share the warmth with family and friends. Be comfortable and quirky when you are relaxing. Who said being an adult has to be a unicorn-free zone?