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Sleepyville Critters are an adorable brand that provides us with cute adaptions of childlike backpacks with references to animals, weather, fruits and even Christmas and Halloween. Sleepyville Critters was born in 2010 when American fashion bag designer Judy McDonald decided to step out of her comfort zone of designing handbags for fashion runways, and into the world that is adorable 3-dimensional lightweight backpacks that provide ultimate comfort and functionality.

Here at Beserk, we've always celebrated being an individual, being able to express yourself with freedom from judgement or expectations. Sleepyville Critters embodies a part of our mission to provide you with unique and outgoing ways to share your personality with the world. With products including bags, shoulder bags, coin purses and even adorable little wristlets. They are your go to brand for small but functional every day storage on the go while still giving you professional quality products! Designed with exceptional detail, made with professional quality materials and produced with every one of all ages in mind, you can feel the innocent happiness.

We have a small range from Sleepyville Critters including the absolutely adorable Pug Coin purse, the Stitched Voodoo Doll Bag and even the curious little Peeking Black Cat Wristlet. Take your adorable little friends with you wherever you go and never go without the little things in life that make you happy. No matter what sort of style you like, you can find anything with Sleepyville Critters inventive designs with silly little animals from T-Rex's to Cats! They are made with no age restrictions, whether you're a child, or an adult with a childlike heart, these little Critters are made for everyone!

Beserk aims to help you discover parts of yourself, unleash your inner self and embrace your weirdness. With Sleepyville Critters we hope to achieve an experience that continues to fulfil you to the fullest of full!