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Skull bags are such a beautiful accessory for yourself! If you need a new fresh bag, and you love the design of skulls- why not just a skulls bag! Perfect for any outfit and season. 

 skulls are just downright cool! The skull is a structure of bone that forms the human head (it forms the heads of all vertebrates, actually), and it supports the structures of the face while providing a protective cavity for the brain to do its thing. Skulls are divided into two parts: the cranium and the mandible (the head and the lower jaw bone). Functions of the skulls include protection of the brain, fixing the distance between the eyes to allow us to determine distances, fixing the position of the ears to enable us to sense sound waves, and of course for headbutting things (not recommended).

Skulls are a symbolism of many things, from immortality to mortality to bravery to basically anything you can think of! So why not wear it on your clothing or bags (or any accessory you can think of for that matter!) Our selection of skull bags are always the highest quality (as you probably already know), so you know you won't be disappointed!