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Dark, edgy, divine fashion. From the launch of Serpentine Clothing in 2011 comes an alluring new style of alternative apparel. Serpentine Clothing brings sinister visions from the darkest depths of the sea to the forbidden decadence of the human mind and beyond. A new collection of vintage-inspired horror, rampaging creatures of the sea, and a seductively bizarre twist to the colourful cultures of the past.

The designers don't go overboard - nothing they create appears crowded or gaudy. Most garments are individually distressed for a great new-retro look. Serpentine Clothing is designed with the utmost passion, and you will wear it knowing that each garment is as truly unique as you are. Beserk now stocks an awesome range of Serpentine clothing, from t-shirts and tops to headwear, for both men and women and everyone in between. Serpentine Clothing even have their own playlists on Spotify that are sure to better your way of life, titled Spookhouse Americana and Dark City Rock Roulette. The music accompanies the clothing, it is kind of like listening to the fashion they create, the soundtrack of Serpentine Clothing!

Inspired by vintage horror and creatures from the depths of the darkest seas, Serpentine Clothing was launched in 2011 with the intent of crafting designs for those who live on the darker side of the street. Using a wild imagination to create unique Gothic and alternative styles is quite a scare when you come up with a brand as incredibly horrifying as Serpentine Clothing. Let the world know there's nothing that is going to scare you, not when anything you are wearing is all the more frightening. From sea serpents to skulls and other terrifyingly rare graphics, Beserk is pleased to stock a collection of Serpentine's men’s short sleeve t-shirts, and women's t-shirts, and camis, available in all sizes.