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Se7en Deadly: "Deviously Divine Offerings to Soothe the Sinner's Soul."

With the ominous launch of Se7en Deadly in early 2010 comes a new genre in alternative fashion and oddities that is referred to as "Elegantly Macabre". Due to the profound content, Se7en Deadly is for those who have a solid sense of self and aren’t afraid to be controversial. For Se7en Deadly there is no such thing as fragility. The brand caters for unique individuals who are daring, bold, 100% true to themselves, subversive, contrarian, rebellious, and of course, controversial. And what we mean by that is this: Se7en Deadly create and manufacture and sell items that are likely to give rise to controversy or public disagreement (just take a sample look at their hair accessories and you'll find the Lace Tooth Bow (a human tooth pulled right from the jaw), the Bloody Cleaver bow, and the Cutter Hair (a blatant razor blade) to get a bit of an idea).

Their range is both elegant, macabre, contentious, vexed with social and personal disdain, darkly emotive, typically sensitive, and at times, downright problematic. But you will not be the one with the problem. It's everyone else, steeped in their conservative sartorial agendas, that may take offence. Se7en Deadly’s unique designs twist and tangle together with the core of the Se7en Deadly Sins, the graceful Victorian (and Edwardian) era, and the harsh suburban grunge of a travelling circus during the Great Depression. Think of them as an alternative fashion Carnival of Carnage!

The Se7en Deadly brand seamlessly juxtaposes ancient religious carvings, medical oddities and curiosities, and forbidden subject matters to create a collection of alternative clothing, eerie accessories and vintage and horror-inspired art. Much like a quick glimpse into a sideshow or freakshow tent at an unannounced circus, flanked by evil killer carnies, Se7en Deadly is unusual, often perturbing in its graphic immediacy, and undeniably alluring.