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Having your hair coloured Rose gold is such a great option for anyone who wants to go for a more subtly hair colour but still slay their whole look. What even is the colour rose gold you may be asking? Well, rose gold is a stunning blend of red, pink and blonde shades that create the perfect mix of rose gold hair that truly complements any skin tone and is also quite wearable. rose gold is exceptionally versatile, it doesn't matter if you want to dye your hair fully or just have a few rose gold strands, anything will look beautiful if done properly.

Wanna dye your hair at home? Follow these steps to get the best possible outcome!

1. Buy two boxes- You never want to take the chances of running out so best stick with extra than less!

2. Do a patch test-  To avoid unnecessary allergic reactions, it's always best to stay safe with patch testing first.

3. Do a strand test- You need to check that your current hair colour reacts well with the formula, you don't want swamp hair do you?

3. Keep your hairline clean- Put Vaseline or lip balm around the edges of your hairline so you do not stain your skin. 

4. Brush your hair- Small knots can cause big problems, it is pretty self-explanatory

5. Section your hair - Section your hair into four parts, down the middle, and then from ear to ear across the crown. Dye the front sections first because these are the most visible. 

6. Don't use the bottle- use a mixing bowl and a colour brush to apply the dye. It will give you the salon finish!

7- Use a toothbrush to add some natural highlights

8- Start from the top, Always start at your roots when dyeing your whole head a different colour, this area will need longer to develop the colour, then comb through to the ends.

9- Wash your hair properly- Don't shampoo your hair, just rinse it out with water. 

And there you have it! Simple steps in order to get that salon hair finish!