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Dead Beatz | MINI SKIRT^ Pleated Grid Irregular [Black] | HEM SKIRT Forever Yours [Grey Check] | SKINNY JEANS Purple Checked | PLEATED SKIRT Red Tartan | MINI SKIRT Cobain | CAPRIS Pushing Daisies [Red] | DRESS Black Tartan | MINI SKIRT Irvine | 50's SKIRT* Pleated Grid Irregular Hem [Red] | SKIRT* Irvine | 50's DRESS Storm | SKINNY PANTS Tartan Star | PLEATED SKIRT* Jetsetter Tartan | JEANS Plaid Panic | TOP Teen Spirit | MID DRESS* Pretty Vacant | SKIRT* Dark Doll [Navy Blue Tartan] | MINI SKIRT Sasha | DUNGAREES* Forever Yours [Yellow Check] | SKINNY JEANS Yellow Tartan | MINI SKIRT Moon Mistress | SKIRT Karen Nancy Check | PENCIL SKIRT Half Black Half Striped | SKINNY JEANS Dead Resistance [Blood Tartan] | SKINNY JEANS Brody | PANTS Black/White Tartan | MINI SKIRT Las Furias | COLD SHOULDER T-SHIRT* Super Skull [Black/White] | PANTS^ Nemesis | SHORTS Satan | MESH TOP Defiance | PLEATED SKIRT Amaris [Yellow Tartan] | DUNGAREES* Bleach And Stud | BONDAGE PANTS Pastel Poison | DRESS Distortion [Blood Tartan] | PLEATED DRESS* Ghoul | DRESS* Rada Frogs Breath | CHECK PANTS* Hestia [Tartan] | LEGGINGS [PLUS SIZE] Brody | MINI SKIRT Riot Girl | TOP Menace [Ash Tartan] | COLLAR DRESS* Lost Girl | FRILL DRESS* Jaded [Blood Tartan] | STRAP TOP* Ivy Frogs Breath | CHECK SHIRT Sweet Anarchy | BIKINI BOTTOMS* Daze [Black] | BUTTON-UP SHIRT* Grave Rebellion [Ash Tartan] | DRESS* Madness [Orange/Violet] | BONDAGE PANTS Grave Rebellion [Blood Tartan] | DRESS* Dolores Hocus Pocus Check | DOLL DRESS* Freak Flag [Blood Tartan] | JACKET* Shadows [Ash Tartan] | SUSPENDER MINI SKIRT* Troublemaker Fishnet | BIKER SHORTS Black Plaid | BONDAGE PANTS* Chaotica [Blood Tartan] | SHIRT-DRESS* Chaotica [Black] | SHIRT-DRESS* Distortion [Ash Tartan] | PLEATED DRESS* Dazed & Confused [Ash Tartan] | SUSPENDER SKIRT* Rock Doll | ZIP TOP
Show off your love for rock and roll and go all out with Beserks range of Rock clothing! If you were born in the 50s you would've been seen as an absolute baddass!

Rock 'n' roll was first introduced in the 1950s, and it was a new kind of music nobody had ever heard of before., which is exactly how it became so popular. Quickly, it became mainstream. It was loud, fast, and a liberating sound that mainly appealed to teenagers. Rock and roll was an absolute offshoot from the previous mainstream music genres that mainly involved blues and urban rhythm.
Teens who embraced rock n roll began dressing in what was seen as 'rebellious' clothing at the time. Teenage boys wore tight-fitting blue jeans and white shirts. Which is an outfit that represented the essence of rock n roll rebellion. their hair was grown long, greased with Vaseline, and combed on both sides to extend beyond the back of the head: a style known as the ducktail. On the other hand, the woman expressed themselves by wearing felt poodle skirts, which often featured such images as record players and musical notes attached to their fronts, or they wore short, tight skirts, stockings, tight blouses and sweaters, and an over-abundance of eye shadow and lipstick. Basically, just like any other style genre, you could recognise it almost immediately. 
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