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PyroPets Candles! These cute animal candles are hiding a dark secret. Burn them down to revel a metal skeleton with fire in their eyes! Get these fiery little pets now before they burn up and disappear! With Beserk on your side, you'll always have light in your life.

PyroPets are a family of animal shaped candles that each reveals their wilder side as they melt. As they burn down you are greeted with grinning metallic skeletons with fire blazing in their eyes!

The idea of PyroPets originated in 2011 when designer Thorunn exhibited her cat candles called "The Devil's Pet" and shortly after they gained widespread internet fame. After a successful Kickstarter campaign the PyroPet Candles we know and love (and are slightly frightened of!) came to be born. Burn one down and say hello to the true nature of these cute creatures.

Candles have always provided atmosphere for social activities - ambience, low flickering light, a subtle scent in a nice jar. But they were always cast in a supporting role. Until now. 54 Celsius - formerly Pyropet Candle Company - creates candles which are so engaging that they will steal the show, unlike anything you have ever seen before!

The idea of PyroPet came to Thorunn while studying at the Royal College of Art in London in 2011. After exhibiting the cat candles in Milan and at her graduation show in London, they quickly gained a lot of attention on the internet. She joined forces with Dan Koval and they launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance their little startup. The campaign was a great success, and in only 4 days they had reached their funding goal and at the end of the campaign they had reached 250% of their initial goal. Thorunn and Dan founded PyroPet Candle Company and are now selling Kisa in shops and galleries all around the world. More products are continuously being added to the collection for your pyro-pleasure and we're going to keep grabbing more! 

Punky Pins create super cute handmade jewellery and accessories; adorable bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, earrings and more.  All inspired by fairy tales, cotton candy, Alice in Wonderland, animals, pop culture, feminism, cats and all things kawaii, which you know we absolutely LOVE!

Snazz up your life with their sassy pins and badges - pin them on your bag or clothing to create an instant appeal. The unstoppable all-female force behind Punky Pins are vintage fashion lovers - their jewellery collection, including vintage earrings and necklaces, is perfect for pairing with some of your favourite retro clothing style.  They pride themselves in designing the perfect vintage jewellery to complement your outfits.

Packed with sass and heaps of retro influence, they also offer stickers and iron on patches. Their enamel pins showcase an affiliation with animals, skulls, pastel colours, rainbows, coffee, cats and bats and witchcraft and the mystery of magic, and embracing the power of femininity! Punky Pins pour their hearts and souls into their designs and their passion for vintage fashion shows in every unique piece.

What a great way to add those finishing touches to your outfit!  Pair a Punky Pins enamel pin with a sweetheart neckline vintage dress or retro boat neck top, and effortlessly "up-do" your style.  Or get them as a cool gift for your loved ones, even the boys, to show off their feminine strength!

With Beserk featuring enamel pieces such as the Black Rainbow, We Are The Weirdos, Yes & No Hands, Cats & Caffeine, The Book Was Better, Christmas Kitty, Death Before Decaf, Treat Or Treat, Blessed Be Bitches, and Ours Is The Magic pin. Are you a crazy cat lady? No judgement here!  Show off your love of fur babies with Punky Pins' diverse range of Cat pins - high quality and easy on your wallet.

It's official - you can never have enough pins! With more than just a few of your favourite things Punky Pins provides sassy slogans to allow your pin badge to do the talking! New items drop regularly, so stay pinned!