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Pretty Serious Cosmetics are a fun & elegant nail polish range of colours, shades and hues, pearlescent, glitter and matte, made in Australia!

Completely free of the nasty formaldehyde, and the ultimate best part of the whole operation: vegan & cruelty-free! Make your nails look pretty (or someone else's nails, anyone is guaranteed to love these products) with all the gorgeous Pretty Serious Colours!

Pretty Serious Cosmetics create fun, playful and childlike yet elegant and exquisite nail polish. Professionally manufactured in Australia. They're serious. Pretty Serious. They're pretty serious about gorgeous beauty products and spreading joy and cosmetic enjoyment to the world. But not very serious about much else.  Right now, Pretty Serious Cosmetics makes crazy good nail products. Gorgeous cremes, funky glitters and spectacular shimmers. They also have a killer range of nail care with everything from top and base coats, to treatments, along with the much loved Czech glass nail files.

Here's the backstory: Influenced by a love of 80's and 90's polish, the fearless leader of the business, Kaz, worked to create the image and an Australian lab to hone the formula and Pretty Serious Cosmetics was born. Kaz really wanted to bring that 80's and 90's makeup aesthetic into a modern product with a dash of pop culture nerdery and so far, the marriage has produced exceptional results. Pretty Serious launched on May 14, 2012 with six shades in the Hello World! Collection. Following quickly with In The Night, Monster Mash and They Came From Beyond Space, it wasn't long before Pretty Serious had built an impressive library of shades. Now, Pretty Serious Cosmetics is ready to start their biggest year ever with a new look and that same goofy attitude and love of beauty products. Pretty Serious Nail Care and Colours are designed and manufactured in Australia from local and imported ingredients. They are 5 Free (no Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, DBP or Toluene). All products are also Vegan and are 100% Cruelty Free. For more information about what's in Pretty Serious Cosmetics, visit the Ingredients Page.