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Paladone was originally created in 1994 as a small novelty gift company based in the UK. Over the twenty years that Paladone has been creating gifts, they've dropped the 'Novelty' and now deliver innovative and trendy gifts and merchandise to over 80 countries around the world! Their mission is to create beautifully designed gifts and deliver them to their customers with their unrivaled customer service. They are a dedicated and focused company that in passionate about maintaining a hands-on approach to design and keeping their integrity within every aspect of their business.

Paladone stocks a multitude of gifts and merchandise for every aspect of your life, grabbing inspiration from Popular Culture and films and TV. Providing gifts for settings such as your home and office, technology and gadgets and even video game merchandise! With all sorts of gift ideas, you can't step past Paladones unique approach to gift giving! With a tonne of gifts to choose from, they have everything you need for special occasions including Fathers day, Christmas, Easter, May the 4th, Valentines day and even our favourite here at Beserk, Halloween! With inspiration coming from tv and movies such as Aladdin, Beauty & The Beast, Batman, The Flash and even Looney Tunes! There's more too! They've got gifts for your gaming buddies with merchandise from games like Call of Duty, Super Mario Bros, Crash Bandicoot and even Pac-Man! With over 800 products in their catalogs, worldwide distribution and over 20 years experience Paladone has become one of the UKs leading companies for wholesale gift supply.

Here at Beserk we always strive to offer you the ability to be yourself, with no bars holding you back. Paladone helps us to achieve that with their funky and innovative new gift ideas to keep all of your friends and family happy this gifting season! We invite you go on this journey with us, from finding our individuality to exploring it and sharing it with the world. You are your own creator, so be as creative as you want!