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P*Lushes Pets are designer plushies from all around the world who love to look their best! Everywhere is your personal runway with P*Lushes Pets! This stylish squad of fabulous fashionistas serves chic with a sprinkle of attitude and a whole lot of glitter. Luxe, premium fabric and a sparkling collar enhance their fashion-inspired looks! Collect them all, including the Limited Edition and Special Edition chase plush. 
All P*Lushes Pets come accessorized with a glittering collar matching perfectly with her unique aesthetic! P*Lushes Pets make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day & more for fans of designer labels to add to their collection! Shop the collection of premium plushie animal fashionistas, including the Limited Edition & rare Special Edition characters!
These Huggable plush & award-winning bears & toys appeal to all ages from infants & toddlers to adults because who can resist a super cuddly plushie?! Shop this fashionable range at Beserk now, perfect for everyone and anyone who loves a good cuddle!