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Beserk stocks a huge range of outerwear for the cooler months! Because goths and alternative girls and boys need to maintain that goth and alternative aesthetic year-round! And as we know well at Beserk, aesthetic is everything.

We've got all your winter needs from brands such as Killstar, Sourpuss, Tokidoki, Blackcraft Cult, Banned Apparel, Hell bunny, Too Fast Apparel, Punk Rave, The Rogue And The Wolf, Necessary Evil, Jawbreaker, Serpentine, Poizen Industries, Restyle, Dr Faust, Disturbia, and more!

It's not always sunny in Australia, and Beserk prefers to cater for all our international customers, who are our family! It's always winter somewhere in the world. We choose what to wear depending on the conditions outside - and our outerwear is great clothing used for protection against cooler weather. Our garments, sourced from the best suppliers, will provide good weather resistance and usually consist of multiple layers to insulate you against the chill.

But outerwear is not only for colder months! Sometimes you want to simply jazz up a look with a simple sleeveless vest, or you might wear a cape for an awesome Gothic photoshoot. Maybe you just want a cute cardigan to wrap around your waist just in case it comes in handy later in the evening, if you do not plan on going home before you go out for a night on the town. Beserk has got all your outerwear needs covered.

We have cloaks, vests, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, flannels, jumpers, jumpsuits, coats, cover-ups, kimonos, boleros, cardigans, pullovers, robes, capes, and so much more. And there are lots of combinations of outerwear, such as a hooded cloak, crop hoodies, knit sweater dresses, hoodie dresses, crop sweatshirts, bathrobes, tie-dye pullovers, hooded cardigans, hooded boleros, sleeveless jackets, sweater vests, swim cover-ups, zip pullovers, flannel shirts, reversible jackets, crop top sweaters, military Gothic coats, and more. So if you are looking to shop for outerwear, you've come to the right place!

Beserk prides itself on having something for everyone. We stock a huge range of prints, designs and materials. We have everything for the spooky lovers out there with spiders, webs, bats, skulls, moons, stars, roses, ghosts and more! With heaps of different quirky bits and bobs including chains, frills, tassels, bows, hoops, ribbons, pom poms, studs and zips to add some flavour to your outfits. Providing you with different levels of comfort, warmth and style, our options will ever expand. We have denim, viscose, spandex, cotton, polyester, wool, nylon and more!

Beserk stocks everything you can think of for your winter needs. Don't miss out on your chance to add a sexy Gothic long coat, or even an adorable kawaii crop sweater to your collection today! With brands from all over the world, we provide you with a diverse and judgement-free zone for you to express yourself with the freedom of creativity!