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Nanoblock brings building block construction to a new nano-sized scale with incredible detail! For anyone who enjoys 3D puzzles, games, model cars and legos, Nanoblock is a fun and rewarding collectable! It is perfect for improving problems solving, hand-eye coordination as well as focus and fine motor skills. Suitable for children 8+ but loved by adults too! Nanoblocks ranges are ever updated with new series for you to start collecting with new and exciting models and series, builders are constantly engaged with the best little building block in town!

Here at Beserk, we stock a cute, small, 'nano' range of Nanoblocks! With adorable burgers, sushi, ramen and pizza for our foodies and the Neuschwanstein Castle and Kaminarimon Gate 2 Nanoblock! We also have an awesome zombie and dinosaur for you to start collecting today! We stock the building base and the LED Illuminating Base Plate too! 

With Beserk, you can add anything to your nerdy collections today! We absolutely love everything unique! Maybe you'll just find your new obsession with Nanoblock!