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Your desk. The place where your ideas are born, where the magic happens. A place you spend almost the same amount of time that you spend sleeping, a place you call home that becomes your extended home. In fact, you’ve probably spent more time staring at your screen than into the eyes of those you love. You’ve probably eaten more lunches at your desk than at your dining table and let’s face it, your desk is an extension of you and if it isn’t, then it needs to be!

Cue Mustard, the desk police, the desk warriors, the desk ambassadors of the world! They are here to save your desk from the bleak, the mundane, the humdrum. To bring flavour, colour and a sense of belonging all neatly wrapped up in a fashion-led package.

And who is this company named after a quintessential English condiment? Mustard are a team of designers and trend hunters headquartered in London with offices in New York that bring the perfect combination of design and commercial prowess to the stationery world.

Their quest is simple! Mustard wants 10% of the space of every desk in the world. A movement that the company believes in with an almost evangelical determination. A movement that requires your support for it to happen. So let's do it, let’s give all those underappreciated desks out there some proper appreciation that they deserve! Because the more love we show them the more they will love us back and our day will be just a little bit more special. Make work 10% more fun with Mustard stationery and homewares for the home or office.

Mustard's range is vast: bookends, erasers, paperclip holders, pen pots and pencil cases, sticky notes, pens and highlighters, notebooks, planners, and so much more!

Unique and crazy homewares and gifts. Inspired by cute and quirky unicorns, skulls and retro designs.