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Jade Kuei a.k.a. “MUMBOT” is a NY/BKK based artist who also goes by the professional alias of “Mumbot”. She exhibits works internationally and has had works published in “Kawaii Design+” (DoPress Books), “Kawaii Manga Adorable!” (HarperDesign) and “Chibi Manga Irresistible” (HarperDesign, Monsa). Mumbot enjoys creating characters, comics, zines, designer toys, installations of her mythical and magical worlds and more. Be on the look out for Aughostus, Mossy, Shumi Mushrumi and the Girl From the Forest Floor who have been making their presence known in the designer toy scene! She has taught workshops at various locations as well. In her free time she has been hard at work developing powerful creative formulas. Kuei illustrates whimsical yet haunted abstractions of her own dreams and experiences. Her kids and their superpowers, have been catalysts of inspiration and as the fulcrum for her further documentation, remain the key to unlocking her magnum opus! 

Here at Beserk, we love plushies! Especially Mumbot's plushies, they're so kawaii!! Cute plushies range from Aughostus, the ghosty boi, Shumi, the mushroom spirit to Bow Bow, the rainbow spirit and Mossy, the moss spirit! All these cute guys have so much personality and are ready to be your new best friend!