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Magic Markings is one of the newest brands here at Beserk. They bring a mysterious and ethereal look to any outfit with their amazing face stickers made for any occasion! We have always embraced the unique styles and love everything alternative, with Magic Markings you can create amazing and crazy looks no matter what the reason. We have only just introduced Magic Markings to our brands and we are already in love! Magic Markings was originally created by the stunning model Shelly D'Inferno and since its creation, she has provided goth and alternative makeup lovers a whole new world. With the amazing stickers, you can step up any gothic look as seen when used by instagramers and models such as @kuroasfck, @nikiskinoir, @ebonyzombi and more! 

We stock a range of stickers for so many different creations. With the Harlequin Face Sticker, you can create your own Harley Quinn look! We stock Crosses, Leviathan Crosses, Pentacles, Sigils, Triple Moons, Lunar Crosses, Hexagrams and more! Turn yourself into Sailor Moon using the Luna Face Stickers and you will never go back to just painting your face! These stickers are of amazing quality, with a little bit of extra adhesives/glue these bad boys will stay on all day long! 

Don't miss out on your chance to get your hands on some serious life-changing makeup game! We want to see the amazing looks you can create using Magic Markings! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your amazing new looks for us to share. Get crazy today with your very own freedom of expression with Magic Markings amazing Face Stickers.