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Loose Riders isn't just a clothing brand. They are also a mountain bike club. Forming a family, two completely separate entities run by the same people, with the same philosophy. Loose Riders began in 2012 as a Facebook page dedicated to showing off the beautiful trails in Chiang Mai, Thailand. With their strong passion for mountain bike riding, giving the rest of the world a small taste was paramount to achieving the goals they've reached today. In 2013, Loose Riders made a change in the way they operate, deciding to start a clothing line. With a lack of riding gear that they found to be both fashionable and comfortable, the guys came up with some designs of their own, using the best materials they could find. Printing out some t-shirts to represent their club, they were well on their way to becoming a leading retailer in mountain bike clothing.

Loose Riders provides gear for riders all over the globe, with Facebook pages springing up everywhere from Europe and The United States to Australia representing and showcasing the bike riding trails all over the globe. With their huge range of gear for women, men and children alike. Featuring their unique prints and styles on clothing from Jerseys, T-shirts, Pants and Socks you'll be able to deck yourself out completely for your next adventure! They also design accessories such as Mudguards, Sticker packs and banners! All of which have the Loose Riders logo over a unique pattern or design. From flamingos and palm trees to big yellow smiley faces, there's an abundance of styles to choose from.

Here at Beserk we aim to provide you with all different ranges and options including goth, Lolita, hippie, stoner, athletic and rockabilly. Loose Riders makes a splash with they're range of colourful and interesting designs to help you express yourself the way you want to. Come along with Beserk for the ride of your life with Loose riders.