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Beserk is proud to offer you Little Shop of Pins for all of your pin needs!

Little shop of pins was founded in the summer of 2017. They stock lots of beautiful art pins, which include some of the worlds favourite movie characters. The little shop operates in Portland, Oregon and produces pins and other products inspired by art, life and pop culture. Little shop of pins have a motto they believe wholeheartedly, 'Love is the root of everything, as Mister Rogers once stated. At little shop of pins, they strive to give you a heavy dose of nostalgia and happiness, and they always aim to send out products with the best positive energy.

Little shop collaborates with many different artists and designers from all over the world who as well have a strong passion and for silly puns, witty humour, art, and most of all, cuteness overload!

Pins do more than just be a pin. It connects people and starts a conversation that may have been missed overwise. It's not just an accessory, it's something you share and communicate with! Why not Join the 'pin thing' community!

Wearing a certain pin can be a simple fashion statement, you can wear one that has the organization you're apart of. You can wear ones with logos of movements you support. Anything can be put on a pin! And the best part is you can add pins to almost any accessory such as ties, backpacks, scarves, purses, and hats. Wearing pins don't damage your clothes either! Spice up your favourite jacket, or shirt, or anything with a new pin from Little Shop of Pins! 

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