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Jellycat - creating original and innovative soft toys in London since 1999. Jellycat continues to combine luxurious fabrics with designs that are sometimes quirky, sometimes cute, but always with a little something different, that makes them stand out from the normal crowd. Explore all the quirky cuteness from the creators of the softest toys you have ever hugged, cuddled and adored.

Established in London in 1999 and launching many new soft toy designs every January and July, there is always something original and quirky yet incredibly soft and sumptuous to find at a Jellycat jamboree! Irresistibly cuddly, sophisticatedly silly, hilariously humorous, a perfect gift for all ages!

At Beserk, we offer a decent range of Jellycat pieces, including Luscious Llama, Herman Hermit, Pudding Reindeer, Skye Starfish, Inky Octopus (very popular), Gary Gecko, Larry Lobster, Stan Stingray, Drake Dragon, Bashful Rooster, Sea Sorbet Narwhal, Dudley Dragon Snagglebaggle, Walter Warthog, Lovely Llama (also very popular), Alfred Elephant, and the classic Ursula Unicorn Snagglebaggle. Get cosy and cuddle up with a Jellycat plush today!