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Jawbreaker brings rock and other subculture aesthetics combined with punk, gothic & steampunk to create original designs, awesome graphics and prints on all apparel.

Jawbreaker is an East End London based alternative brand incorporating rocker & subculture aesthetics with classic Punk, Heavy Metal, Gothic Victorian, Psychobilly, Rivethead & Steampunk styles.  They have a great range of jeans, tops, dresses & skirts, Skull in the Moon fitted hoodies, Black Hearted Veins Maxi Dresses, Ethereal Nature styles, Alchemy Skater Dresses, and so much more. Original graphics, prints & designs for unique individuals who love to express themselves through music, lifestyle & clothing! Let's face it, the type of music you listen to probably relates directly to your choice of clothing and fashion.

Jawbreaker helps you up your sartorial choices with the trendiest alternative styles that underline various subculture aesthetics. Express your alternative side and throw up your horns! Their must-have alternative and post-hardcore styles cover women, men and unisex clothing lines. Gender non-conformists will feel right at home. Pamper the eternal rebel in you with Jawbreaker's wide collection of in-house designs of rock and punk clothing, created in the UK but popular and shipped worldwide, including here at Beserk!

Contrarian and stylish fashion to suit your desires - including tie-dye vests, kimonos, sweaters and jumpers, rockabilly, psychobilly, macabre, gothic, pinup, celtic and forest skull patterns, roses and hearts. And don't forget about their accessories apparel - handbags and purses and the like.

Anything to make your jaw literally drop. Whether you are looking for dresses, skirts, jackets or bags, the signature Jawbreaker style is what everyone is crushing over. Beserk loves Jawbreaker and want to share that style with you!