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Welcome home, Witches!

The name 'House of Hex' is a combination of the German word for Witch House and the English word 'Hex'. The artist wanted to combine both of their homes, America and Switzerland, and their languages. Ever since she was a little kid, her dream was to own a Victorian/Witch house and that was the inspiration behind the name! 

House of Hex is an awesome small business based in Texas, USA, that will fulfill all of your Cottage core, Forest Witch, Mushroom and Nature lover needs! Frogs, berries, mushrooms, ferns and more! Do you really need any more convincing? House of Hex's products range from furry familiar art prints to frog and mushroom Stickers and even fern covered Blankets, there is definitely something for every nature loving Witch or even fellow frog lover! All items from House of Hex are crafted with love and appreciation for all support this artist has received from her amazing creations!  We are so excited to be stocking House of Hex's incredible art pieces and hope you all too enjoy the amazing pieces she has created and shared with us!