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Feelin' a Lil bit chilly? Wanna be warm in style? Well, Beserks range of gothic hoodies have you sorted! A Hoodie is an item of thick clothing, usually made of fleece that has a headcover.

Beserk offers a wide range of affordable and cute gothic hoodies. Wanna be stylish and effortless at the same time? Need something for those lazy days when you know you can't be seen without being stylish, but your motivation has left? Why not check out our awesome gothic hoodie range! Here at beserk, there is no such thing as simple clothing. 

Beserk has a hoodie for everyone! Whether that's knitwear, sweaters, punk rock, gothic. Whateverrrr it is we got you covered! Our hoodies all have unique designs, which when worn, give you a individual look and feel. Our collections carry sizes to suit every body type, stocking regular fit hoodies and sweatshirts as well as a wide range of plus-sized attire. And what's more, we provide fashion that suits any budget, from high-end pieces to low-cost items. We mean it when we say we have it all!

Need something to go under that cute asf hoodie? Shop our clothing range! Including skirts, tops, fishnets, and way more!