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Add a Hello Kitty Pop vinyl to your collectables collection today!  Living under a rock must mean you do not know the extremely famous icon hello kitty. Hello kitty is a stable of kawaii, and it literally means cute and cuddly. 

Hello Kitty is a Japanese fictional character produced by Sanrio. Sanrio depicts Hello Kitty as a young female white bobcat with a red bow. You will also notice she does not have a mouth. Kitty white lives just outside of London and is in the 3rd grade. Since her creation, Hello Kitty has become a media franchise superstar including a product line, clothing apparel, toys, manga comics, anime series, pop music, and other media.

Hello Kitty is now a worldwide phenomenon worth. When hello kitty had her 40th anniversary (2014)  The Hello Kitty franchise had become one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time, her worth is 8 billion a year! Essentially any item in the world will most likely have a hello kitty version. Why even is Hello Kitty so popular?  down to her simple, mouthless design. Branding expert Dorie Clark says “She's stoic, she's expressionless, and people can put onto her almost any kind of emotion'. She's just an adorable figure and will most likely never lose its popularity.



Why not grab yourself or a loved one an adorable hello kitty gift!