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Gus Fink has been bringing amazing art to us for 20 years, mixing dreams and nightmares to create thought-provoking art and characters with no limits to his imagination. Loving the spooky weirdness of alternative art, he creates brand new ideas with a childish spirit while exploring all of the art mediums he can. Transforming things from everyday objects to unique pieces of art, Gus Fink emulates a childish element with dark overtones. Bringing us amazing designs including his adorable Stitch Kittens. 

Beserk brings you Gus Finks unique Stitch Kittens! "The Stitch Kittens live together in the Land of Lint, a place filled with string and fluff. They have more than 9 lives and can go on forever as long as they stitch themselves back together. However, everything isn't perfect for these cuddly creatures. Stitch Kittens have to protect themselves against Evil Scare Crows, Selfish Puff Dogs and Dirty Dust Bunnies!" We currently have Volmir, Zippy, Little Lolli, Herb Cumberflop & Durr for you! Collect as many as you can with us because we just can't get enough of these adorable kittens! 

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