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Cora | LONG SLEEVE TOP Grave [Grey] | COAT Vivisector [White] | HOODED SCARF Cathedral | GLOVES Fern | LEGGINGS Silver Fur D-Ring [Black Velvet] | HOODED COAT Gothic Winter | FAUX FUR COAT Black Cat | FAUX FUR COAT Forest Witch | MESH FERN BODYSUIT Crescent | MESH BODYSUIT Raven | MESH BODYSUIT Inverted Cathedral | MESH BODYSUIT Burgerzilla | SAKE SET Nymyra Velvet [Black] | CAMEO DRESS Nymyra Velvet [Blood] | CAMEO DRESS Corvia | ASYMMETRIC DRESS Hunters | HOODED VEST Trent | LONG SLEEVE TOP Risley | TOP Dasia Lace-Up | BELL BOTTOMS Scourge | JOGGERS Ghost | MUG Playstation: Shapes | MUG Naruto Shippuden: Logo | MUG Naruto Shippuden: Chibi | MUG Animal Crossing: Nook's Cranny | MUG Miss Kitty PVC | MOTO TRENCH COAT [LIMITED] Bonnie Heart | CARDIGAN [LIMITED]* Denim | MOTO JACKET^ On The Prowl | MOTO JACKET [LIMITED] Secret Heart | BOMBER JACKET [LIMITED]* 2-Way | ZIPPER JACKET Stretch Velvet | BELLBOTTOMS Date-03 [Black] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS Date-03 [Lilac] | PLATFORM SNEAKERS High Waist | RELAXED FIT JEANS Malpuss | GOBLET^ Anglerfish | MINI TOASTY PLUSH Astro Tayto Potato | HOUSE SLIPPERS Scarlet | MARY JANES Troublemaker | CROPPED HOODIE Daredevil | LEGGINGS Dealer | PATCHED JEANS Devil's Play | BLANKET' Devil's Play | MUG & SAUCER' Daemon | TEAPOT Meowloween | TEAPOT Purr Off [Black] | ANKLE SOCKS Blitzed | HOODED SWEATER Purr Off [Plum] | LONG SLEEVE TOP Purr Off [Black] | LONG SLEEVE TOP Royal Affinity | DRESS Purr Off | PET VEST Memphis | OVERSIZED SHIRT* Foxblood | CROP LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT^ Vega | BOOTS Vanda [Flocked] | COLLAR DRESS Hagatha | SORCERESS DRESS Candence [Flocked] | MIDI SKIRT Nixie | LEGGINGS

With winter approaching rapidly and the cold winds biting, you might be wondering “how can I keep up my alternative style whilst protecting myself from what Mother Nature has planned?” Well luckily for you, Beserk has all sorts of Winter fashion goodies in stock for this coming season!

This collection contains everything perfect for winter ranging from clothing like coats, jackets and scarves to homewares like mugs, teapots and even ramen bowls for those stay at home nights! At Beserk , we love Winter, which is why we have a diverse range of Winter wear suitable for the harsh elements while retaining that gorgeous gothy look you desire! Whether you prefer layering tops or chilling in some sleepwear all season long, we don't judge, there's something for everyone in this range!