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Ginger Fox is an art and design company that produce awesome homewares and kitchenware. Ginger Fox is most noted for their very popular Book Lovers Mug, which is not only popular with book worms and casual readers, but also for anyone that enjoys a nice hot cup of tea while they casually read an old book they may have forgotten they had on the shelf.

When's the last time you sat down and read a whole book cover to cover? The latest Dan Brown or John Grisham thriller on your bedroom nightstand, or maybe those impenetrable behemoths such as Infinite Jest (David Foster Wallace), War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy), or Moby Dick, the Herman Melville classic? In any case, you will love this mug; it's made for book worshippers. The readers of the universe are thoughtful and pensive and can especially appreciate a good cup of tea or coffee that's for sure (hold the whiskey). The newest addition to your kitchen features designs of 30 unforgettable and classic novels. Curl up with this cup, it will awaken the book lover in everyone and choose your next read.

That's not the only design on the mugs from Ginger Fox. There's the Movie Buff mug perfect for anyone who loves everything to do with movies. If they are not watching the latest blockbuster, they will be planning their next trip or moaning about the film they saw yesterday and the noisy kids they shared the screen with. Calm their frazzled nerves with a soothing brew from this lovely mug, covered with 50 cryptic clues alluding to popular and classic films. Presented in a fun themed box, it will make a great gift idea for any film-obsessed friend or family member.

Ginger Fox create and produce simple yet effective homewares, and they make perfect gifts for friends and family.