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Ghosts of October conjure ghostly delights out of their haunted cabin in the woods in Queensland, Australia. There, furniture moves on its own,  spirits roam the halls, the candles are always lit, horror movies play all night long, and you don’t need to be afraid of the thing that goes bump in the night... 

Ghosts of October (noun) - those who wait all year for their favourite month, October, and perpetually haunt stores for spooky goods.

Artist, Ami, created Ghosts of October from a passion for Halloween, horror, witchcraft, the occult and all things spooky! You can find her haunting book isles & old video stores, wandering through graveyards & cathedrals, collecting curiosities from antique stores, summoning spirits in haunted houses, writing ghost stories on stormy nights and forever finding inspiration in the darkly & unique things that she finds bewitching. She loves to create dark art & ghostly goods that bring a little extra spookiness to everyone’s homes & haunts around the world.