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In this new addition to PaintGlows expanding spin-off brands, we have Fright Fest! Fright Fest is here to provide you with the special effects make-up you need this Halloween. We all know everyone loves to dress up, change themselves for the night. Bring out your inner vampire, your inner Goddess or just slap on some special effects make up to show everyone how good you really are. Fright Fest has amazing products at your disposal for you to really explore your creative side.

With products to add some dimension to your face including black lipsticks and red face paint sticks! With a range of colours to choose from, become really artistic with the ability to create more depth with the black, red, white, orange and even purple face paints. Any look you're going for with these paint sticks can be achieved. Want to have a serious gash on your face? Or maybe you just want simple blood spots around your mouth. Fright Fest has everything you need for that spooky look! Don't hesitate to add to the creepiness with some peel off blood... There's nothing you can't achieve. They also stock liquid latex and gum glue, as well as face jewels to help create awesome art and special effects. Create a complete look with the Fright Fest special effects make-up!

With Beserk by your side, you'll never feel like you can't express yourself as freely as you want. With nothing holding you back, step into the world of individuality with our new range of Fright Fest products brought to us by PaintGlow! We celebrate freedom of expression and encourage you to free yourself. Become the vampire you want to be, bring out those creepy zombies  and remember; the world is your 'bloody' oyster.