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Society loves makeup-and for good reason! Some people use foundation to cover imperfections, to get a totally different skin colour for cosplaying, it really depends on you. Many people use makeup/foundation daily, making it a necessity to have good quality products that don't ruin your skin, For The first thing people notice when they meet you is usually your face. With Beserks favourite brands, we have the perfect products to help you turn yourself into the butterfly or demon you wish to be!

Foundation comes in many different forms, from liquid to cream to powder, and it's up to you which form you like. People use foundation as a base. Most use it to create an even colour to their skin, cover their flaws and to sometimes change the natural skin tone. 

We at Beserk LOVE creativity and self-expression, We always strive to provide you with the option to express yourself through the option of makeup and more. We have the most amazing selection of brands for you to choose from, so much so you will be wishing you knew about our range sooner!