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Fishnet Over The Knee Opaque [Black] | TIGHTS Samara | PINAFORE DRESS Destroyer Filigree Lace | LEGGINGS Ada Thigh High | FISHNET TIGHTS Extra Large Net [Black] | TIGHTS Assassin Pleated | SKIRT W/ BAG Hellrazor | FISHNET TOP Sinner | CROP TOP Luna [Black] | THIGH HIGH STOCKINGS [PLUS SIZE]^ Blaire B*tch | MINI SKIRT Moon Mesh | TOP Dead Beatz | MINI SKIRT^ Moon | DRESS Symbol | SKIRT All Caught Up | FISHNET LEGGINGS Nevermore | OVERSIZED T-SHIRT Diwata | MAXI SKIRT Plain Stripe | SUSPENDER TIGHTS Samara | DRESS Zoey | LONG SOCKS Lara Shredded | FISHNET TIGHTS Beserk for Bats | STONEDEAF CHARITY T-SHIRT Eternal Love | T-SHIRT Islay [Black/Red] | PINAFORE DRESS Magica | SKATER DRESS Ouija | JOGGERS Opaque Black | KNEE HIGH SOCKS^ Haunted | TOP Dakota [Black] | PINAFORE DRESS Islay Pinafore [Black/White] | DRESS Morbid Cat | T-SHIRT Oh Lucifer | CROP TOP Death Tarot La Mort | T-SHIRT Cramps Magic Cramps | PANTIES Industrial Net | LONG SLEEVE SHIRT Weirdo | KNEE HIGH SOCKS Fishnet | SUSPENDER HOSE^ Pleated Grid Irregular [Black] | HEM SKIRT Moon Phases | TUNIC DRESS Rose Corset | LEGGINGS Witches Chant | Oversized T-SHIRT Stop Staring | THIGH HIGH SOCKS Miki Worship Me | NET TIGHTS Believe In Yourself [Blood Moon Dye] | T-SHIRT Antisocial | T-SHIRT Lillith Spooky Eyes | THIGH HIGHS Forest Witch | HOODIE Heather [Black] | BABYDOLL DRESS Miss Muffet | PINAFORE DRESS Gabriella | TOP Metal Wednesday | T-SHIRT Gabriella | MINI DRESS Foxa Viking [Black] | CLOAK Witches Chant | Cold Shoulder T-SHIRT Yokai City | LONG SLEEVE TEE Nightmare | HALTER TOP Samara | TOP Anders | PANTS Unholy | SHORTS Nissa | SWING DRESS

Here at Beserk we only sell the edgiest MF clothes!   We so damn edgy we could give you an accidental paper cut! 

Edgy Clothing For Your Next Outfit

Now let's talk edge. What even is 'edge'? What defines something as edgy? Well, lets get one thing straight, edge isn't about a specific style persona. It doesn't matter if you identify your style as bohemian, modern classic, rock n roll, gothic, punk, etc. You can make any outfit a lot or a Lil bit edgy with unusual outfit juxtapositions. More specifically, edge is not incompatible with polish, pastels, lots of white and soft flowing fabrications. Edge is about irregular and or unusual pieces that make you somehow look aesthetically pleasing. Edginess is not a guarantee of great style. You decide if it is. What is important about edginess is how YOU feel about your outfits. YOU choose how to express yourself, not an article on beserk. If irregular outfit juxtapositions seem too jarring, unflattering, or inappropriate for your professional or social-environmental norm, then they might not be stylish for you. If you are comfortable and happy with challenging social norms, then edginess is for you. Just try on a bunch of things that you like, and remember, if it doesn't make you happy you're doing it wrong. 

And last but not least, remember- ALWAYS BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOURSELF!!