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Established in 2003 (and fabricating discord ever since) Disturbia is a family-owned company in the serious business of counter-culture, sub-culture, and alternative fashion.

A definition: Dis.turb.ia [A portmanteau of the words disturb and suburbia], Disturbia was created in the wake of several alien abductions, six tabs of acid and the time they found Kurt Cobain’s ghost in their beer froth.

Drop your pop culture, reverse your stereotypes and get messed up and disturbed in the suburbs. Disturbia aren’t turning heads, they are rolling them! The brand describes itself perfectly in its own words: "Disturbia is an independent, family-run fashion brand based in Northumberland, UK. Everything we create is filtered through a prism of 90s Pacific North West apathy, charged with a healthy dose of existential angst. With a twist of lemon. Beserk absolutely loves it!

KEY INGREDIENTS: Apathy, fear & loathing, passion, confusion, eternal sadness, existential angst, sacred ecstasy, eternal damnation, psychic distortion, the physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living, total darkness, hyperreality, pure love. Fabricated discord since 2003."

In reality, Beserk has you covered with their Disturbia range of Gothic, occult & alternative clothing and accessories. Chains, weirdo's and twisted culture are all home to Disturbia. Friends with weirdness and strange things. Women, men, non-binaries, accessories, clothing, shoes, charms and oddities, dresses, skirts, trousers, tops..... the disturbing list goes on. And everything mixes and matches perfectly. You can even purchase swimwear for the summer months and outerwear for the winter, including jumpers and jackets, sunglasses, snapback caps and hats, handbags, patches, rings, badges, boots, sneakers and more.

And for everything in between seasons, Disturbia supplies pins and chains, keyrings, chokers and harnesses. Reminiscent of witchcraft, the occult, Lovecraftian visions of a dystopian mythic chaotic and dark world, a morose future of bleakness. So why not face the impending apocalypse in deadly fresh killer style. Disturbed Surburbia. It's real.