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Cupcake Cult takes all your pop-culture favourites & twists them into deliciously evil designs. See all your childhood faves in a new light!

Cupcake Cult brings you adorable & deliciously evil designs to keep you warm, cute & happy! With a crazy twisted take on Pop Culture, Cupcake Cult will make you see Pikachu, Ariel, Bambi, The Wizard of Oz plus many of your childhood faves in a totally new light. Perhaps it will enhance your memories or destroy them - who are we to judge?

Featuring items such as the tee-shirts of Cat Skull, Cookie Bear, Dark Cat off-shoulder, Death Metal Unicorn, Last Love, Skeletal Crow, Ying Yang Kitty, Team Unicorn, Wednesday Certified Insane, Hello Zombie (showcasing an undead "Hello Kitty"), Kitty Angel and Cult Wednesday (from the infamous Addams Family). Cupcake Cult's alternative clothing draws attention to pop culture icons and phenomena, and often imitates and reproduces them as if the designers had put them through a mental asylum conveyor belt.

With themes dark and morbid mixed with statement bright vivid and fluoro images (the classic Death Metal Unicorn being just one example), the Cupcake Cult brand will be sure to satisfy any fans of particular sub-cultures and counter-cultures. Primarily you will see kids and adults alike who listen to heavier alternative music sporting these items, and all the subgenres of metal, including but not limited to Metalcore, Deathcore, Grindcore, Hardcore, Post-hardcore, Skate Punk, Punk Rock, Psychobilly, Blackened Hip-Hop, Horrorcore, Rap Metal, Doom Metal, Nu Metal and many more genres too obscure to name.

Beserk loves Cupcake Cult. Breaking stereotypes and conventions, the brand allows anyone to fly their freak flag - unique clothing for unique individuals. Equally cute and freakishly odd at the same time. Take your favourite and treasured pop icon and turn it into a zombie - that's Cupcake Cult. Come join the circus!