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They do exist! The subject of folklore and tabloid headlines for decades, Cryptkins have been discovered and the world will never be the same! These adorable vinyl figures are based off of old school folklore and monsters like Nessie, Chupacabra, Cthulhu, Bigfoot, and more spook fiends! Available in big 5" vinyl figures and mini blind box crates! There are 13 figures in all, with 2 of them being rare and 1 of them ultra-rare. Each comes packaged in a collectible blind-reveal miniature “crate.” Collect them all for a cute cryptid crew so scary and small for anywhere to be their natural habitat!

Here at Beserk we love monsters and folklore, but then again who doesn't love cute little monster pals? We have all sorts of gifts and goodies for any fan of monsters! So grab these creepy cuties while they're still crawling and available at Beserk