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Well, first of all, Bubblegum Stuff don’t make chewing gum. They are a small gift and games company based in London, who love responding to pop culture trends to create products that spread a bit of laughter! Their business is making simple games and novelty gifts that are far from usual.

Bubblegum Stuff's heritage can be traced back to Hong Kong in 2013. And since their first product dropped - the Heart Ice Cream Scoop! They’ve knocked out a number of best sellers and have also received a good few nominations and awards for Gift of the Year!

Bubblegum Stuff started as a gift company but seem to keep making best-selling card games, So they thought that they would make that part of what they do from then on.

Bubblegum Stuff's small creative team is still growing and they're especially looking forward to working with robots in the future! They are a design led family that only stocks and sells their own creations, everything you see here is made by Bubblegum Stuff!

Although they may be a small company, Bubblegum Stuff believes in making a big effort to make changes for the greater good of the planet by using recycled materials in production and being mindful of single-use plastics! So shop their range available at Beserk now!