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What makes a bright hair colour? Well, it's pretty self-explanatory, A bright colour is strong and noticeable, and not dark. Having a bright hair colour is bold and will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Steps to keep your hair nice and bright are the following:

 Top tips To maintain the vibrance of your coloured hair
  1. Go Pro with a Professional Hair colour Service
  2. ask For A Hair Bonding Service, As you're not going to get a bright pink hair colour from dark hair!
  3. Shampoo The Smart Way, never purchase hair care products with sulfates
  4. Make dry shampoo your new best friend
  5. ALWAYS Protect Your Hair When Using Heat Tools
  6. Moisturize With A Hair Mask
  7. Stay Strong with Strengthening Haircare Products!

Dye your hair a crazy colour! Be unapologetically yourself! a true hair legend is someone that is ready to turn heads. Don‘t follow the trend, make your own. Why not Mix different vibrant colours together to match your own aesthetic.  Check out our full range of brands, colours and finishes here with Beserks Collection of Hair Colours for you!