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Purple AF | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Virgin Pink | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Original Deluxe [SMALL] | CUSTOM FANGS


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Juniper Green | HAIR DYE


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Aquamarine | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Poison | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Purple AF | HAIR COLOUR [118ml]


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Beserk has many different options for woman's alternative boots that give you a sense of individuality and a better sense of style. What's a better way to stand out than goth black platform shoes? Platform boots are not only stylish and stunning but there are also many varieties to choose from!

Black Platform Boots To Suit Your Outfit

If you want to appear taller, adding a pair of beautiful black platform shoes to your shoe collection will guarantee this! Platform shoes elevate your overall look and add a bit of gizazle to your outfit. 

If you're wanting to add a bit of height but platforms arent your thing, why not shop for some gothic heels! they are an ideal option if you are looking for something sexy and gorgeous, they are simply the perfect addition to your outfit. Why not pair with a beautiful gothic dress, perfect for a lovely date night.

Black Ankle Boots & Heeled Boots

Beserk have the wide variety that you need to make your perfect purchase. Whether you are after ankle boots, heeled boots or anything else, we have the best range of platformed boots in Australia.

gothic sneakers are also an option worth shopping for. They are short and ideal footwear to have during summer. sneakers will keep your feet comfortable while giving you the same satisfaction a normal boot would. No matter whether you are doing high-intensity exercises, running or playing any sport, a good pair of sneakers will provide your feet with all the needed support. Sneakers provide more stability when compared to any other type of footwear making it easier for you to jump or walk with more confidence

Whether you want mid-calf platform boots or leather ones with a gothic or punk rock vibe, Beserk has a beautiful collection to choose from today. We also have a stunning collection of gothic jewellery to complete your look. 


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