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Is there a Annabelle doll locked up somewhere in Connecticut? Does a priest visit this Annabelle doll twice a month? It is said the evil can not penetrate the binding prayer that the priest does. The Annabelle Doll is kept in a glass case. No one is allowed to touch this doll because just by touching it a persons aura may mingle with the aura of that evil force within the doll. Horror and evil will attach itself to you! 

Do not worry because now you can have your very own Annabelle Doll! Beserk has an Annabelle doll just for you. 

According to the Warren husband and wife team a student nurse was five the doll in 1970. The doll started to act strangely and the young nurse took the doll to a psychic medium who told the student that the doll was possessed by a deceased girl named Annabelle. We first saw Annabelle in the Conjuring Horror movie