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Accoutrements supply awesome stuff to awesome people! For over 30 years Accoutrements have provided the world with amazing quirky products that provoke, challenge, confuse and entertain.

Makers of the best and weirdest toys and novelties, including the famous Horse Mask! Rubber chickens, unicorns, cats, finger hands, strange and quirky pins, Christmas cards, stationery, patches, stress balls in all sorts of bizarre iterations, socks, scarves, can coolers, rubber animal masks, squirrels, bacon and meat, zombies and monsters, Cthulhu, Charles Darwin, funny fez's - it's all here for your abnormal perusal.

Whether it's for the home, outdoors, the office or just an accessory for yourself or a gift for a special friend, there are no bland and boring products here. Accoutrements produce impractical things we love in an original way, to make a strange life a little bit better.

Located in Seattle Washington, the owner of Archie McPhee Accoutrements (Mark Pahlow) started the business selling rubber lizards and other crazy things out of his house in L.A. People simply couldn't get enough of his junk! If you have ever asked yourself "Who would buy this?" then the answer is, anyone with a quirk for the quirky.

Live, laugh, joke, and punch a nun while wearing a horse mask and squirrel finger puppets. Accoutrements make air fresheners, as well as all the 'Crazy Cat Lady' products you could ever poke a stick at: socks, board games, edibles and mints, colouring books and even band aids.

Both old and new treasures alike exist to surprise and freak out those people in your life that are difficult to buy presents for. Accoutrements may not be entirely practical, but really, who cares? This is pop culture at its most absurd. Giant novelty pencil? Human tooth model kit? No explanation necessary.

Enjoy the insanity and get shopping with us here at Beserk!