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Purple AF | HAIR COLOUR [236ml]


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Hello Beserkers! 
We have something to brighten your day! ❤️
We are welcoming a NEW brand to the BeserkFamily!! That's right, we will now be stocking Squishablesat Beserk!! Now if you don't know what Squishables is and has to offer, don't fret! We got you, just follow along and see why we are so happy to have Squishables available at Beserk!! ❤️

Who are Squishables? - 

If you don't already know what Squishables are, they are the cutest plush toys around! Started in 2007 by co-founders Aaron and Zoe, who didn't know anything about toys, but they figured it out! Over the last decade and a half, they have released millions of Squishables to their new homes in the wild. At Squishy HQ in Soho, New York City, Squishables create things that help make the world a cuter place for all! How awesome is that?! ❤️

What are Squishables and why are they awesome? -

Squishablesare cute giant balls of squishy love (plush toys). They're soft, huggable, cuddly, and all-around awesome. Each Squishable is about 15 inches tall. They squish down a bit smaller, and they stretch a bit bigger. Spot wash 'em if they get dirty. Use 'em as a pillow, Throw them at people, the possibilites are endless with Squishables! ❤️ With Squishables coming in various forms, such as micros, keychains, minis and ranging from comfort food plushiesto little gothic plush friends, Squishables will have the perfect plushfriend for you no matter what you love! ❤️

Where to buy Squishables and How much? -  

As we announced above we are now selling Squishables online at Beserknow! Squishables have products perfect for all budgets ranging from $2.95 to $100 and more if you really LOVE your plush toys! ❤️ Squishables are perfect for everyone! Check out some of the cuties we have available now!! 

witch plush reaper plush poodle moth
We have so many more Plush toys by Squishables coming soon as well as more amazing items like stickersand more! So check out the range of squishy goodness and cuddly friends from Squishables!! ❤️

Love, Beserk xx



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