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Hello Beserkers! Happy Tuesday! At Beserkwe love to celebrate Halloween 24/7 365! So we get REALLY KEEN when Halloweenstarts to crep up on us! To all of you people saying... "BuT iT's a MoNTh AwAY!!1!" Have you seen the shops with their Christmasdecorations out? Yeah I rest my case! It's Halloweentime baby and what better way to celebrate it than with one of our favourite new brands, My Violet! 💜
If you don't know what My Violet is then you're totally missing out! Fret not though, because we are here to tell you what they're all about! 

What is My Violet? - 

My Violet is an online boutique dedicated to the dreamy world of pastel and size inclusivity in the fashion world! They want to soften your closet colour palette and let you step into a dreamland of Pastels and colour! My Violet is proudly 100% Female Owned and operated in Los Angeles, California by a team of fashion obsessed cuties and we are so excited to be their exclusive Aussie reseller! My Violet Originals are designed in Los Angeles, California and ethically produced in their privately owned factories meaning all shipments from My Violet come straight to us in Queensland and then to you! 💜
Now that you know of the amazingness that is My Violet! We are so excited to announce that we have just dropped their incredible Pastel Halloweenrange online now! We are OBSESSED and know you will be too so let's show you some of our fave picks from their Brand New Pastel Halloweencollection!

Beserk's fave Pastel Halloween pieces by My Violet - 

Just look at how kawaii My Violet's Pastel Halloween pieces are like OMG!! We are loving the Pink Skeleton onesie, Spooky Bones and Cotton Candy Cobweb socks are! These are the perfect picks for any Pastel/Halloween  lover or just someone who wants an easy and cute Halloween costume💜


More new My Violet - 

Although these pieces aren't Halloween related they are still super cute and pastel!! We are loving the Claire pleated skirt, Laurel Tulle skirt, Doris striped dress, Poppy Duckling babydoll dress and the Oversized downtown Sunglasses! 💜


There are so many amazing new products from My Violet live online right now!! Be sure to tell us in the comments what your favourite MV piece is!! Remember to have an awesome day! 

Stay Spooky!! xx - Beserk x

The Dark Attitude

ON 14 Sep 08:32

have a nice day, “My Violet” have large Collection Of Halloween.

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