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For those of us who revel in the darker side of fashion, the union of two iconic names – Killstar and Wednesday Addams – is a match made in hell! The result is a collaboration that's set to send shivers of excitement down the spines of Gothic and Alternative fashion enthusiasts! And if you're down under in Australia or New Zealand, you're in for a treat, as this exclusive collection can only be found at Beserk! Let's delve into the enchanting world of Killstar x Wednesday Addams and discover the macabre magic it holds!

The Darkness Unites: Killstar x Wednesday Addams for 'Wednesday' Season 2 on Netflix! - 

Two names synonymous with the darker side of life, Killstar and Wednesday Addams, have come together to create a collection that's the epitome of Gothic elegance! Killstar, known for its occult-inspired designs and Wednesday Addams, the iconic fictional character from Charles Addams' "The Addams Family," merge seamlessly in this Iconic and Exclusive collaboration for Netflix's series "Wednesday," being announced for its second season after a record breaking debut!

A Darkly Enchanting Collection - 

The Killstar x Wednesday Addams collaboration boasts a range of clothing and accessories that capture the essence of Wednesday's enigmatic style! Ranging from Dresses and Leggings to Tops and Accessories, this collection brings to life the gloomy yet elegant aura of the character from Nevermore Academy! From the Iconic Wednesday Addams Blackest Heart Skater Dress, the Not Friends Material Backpack and the I'm Saaaorry leggings, there's so many items that will make your black little heart skip a beat! 

Exclusivity Down Under! - 

One of the most exciting aspects of this collaboration is its exclusivity to us at Beserk, to Australia and New Zealand! If you don't know us and what we do, then allow us to introduce ourselves! At Beserk, we are an online Alternative and Gothic fashion and lifestyle store based in Australia! We have become a go-to destination for those seeking unique and edgy fashion, homewares, accessories, gifts and so much more! With the Killstar x Wednesday Addams collection being exclusive to us in Australia and New Zealand, it's a rare opportunity for fans to get their hands on these exclusive and limited-edition items before Season 2 of 'Wednesday' airs on Netflix!

The Appeal of Gothic and Alternative Fashion! - 

The appeal of Gothic and Alternative fashion, particularly in the Gothic and Occult niches, goes beyond just clothing; it's a lifestyle! Embracing the darker side of fashion allows individuals to express their unique personalities and interests while celebrating the mysterious and enchanting!

The Killstar x Wednesday Addams collaboration exclusive to Beserk in Australia and New Zealand is a remarkable fusion of Gothic elegance and Pop culture! It brings to life the timeless charm of Wednesday Addams in a way that fans of Gothic and Alternative fashion will undoubtedly worship!

So, if you're in Australia or New Zealand and adore Wednesday Addams and everything Killstar, head online to Beserk and explore this bewitching collection before it vanishes into the shadows of limited availability! It's an opportunity to embrace your inner darkness and make a statement with style. Remember, in the world of fashion, there's beauty even in the macabre, and this collaboration proves it in spades!

Stay Spooky and let us know your fave piece of this collection in the comments below!

- Beserk xx 

Kat Alexa

ON 3 Oct 09:32

Have been ‘out of the loop’ re Netflix, for variety of {life gets in the way} reasons …
Luckily due to Beserk and Killstar x Wednesday Addams collab, I’m now aware that cool dark clothes are here, & cool dark show is back! Thanx xoxo

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