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The Mini Kitty Commune - ADOPT MKC!

Welcome to The Mini Kitty Commune

The Mini Kitty Commune aren't your every day rescue organisation. They were founded in 2012, and have been providing outstanding outcomes for cats and kittens since then. They give the utmost care and love to all of the cats who come through their door. Being a non-kill shelter, they can only rescue as many cats as their resources provide, those resources are solely provided by supporters, donors, rescuers, veterinary clinics and personnel and volunteers. Find out more on their standards of care here!


You too can help from home with even as little as $18 a month! For $4.50 a week, the same as a cup of coffee from a cafe, you can help to feed kittens who are in dire need of nutrition to grow big and healthy! Find out more information for other sponsorship details, or become a sponsor here!

Let us introduce you to some of the beautiful kitties who are currently up for adoption! (At the time of writing)


Here are Puma and Remy! These beautiful kitties are made for each other and need to find a forever home suitable for the both of them! They both have gorgeous characters and get along like siblings. Who wouldn't fall in love with those faces? Find out more information about adopting this pair of spunky friends here!

             Puma & Remy

           Puma & Remy 

Introducing Aurora and Audrey. These beautiful sisters have bonded with each other like no other. They are currently waiting in Turramurra, NSW, for their forever home together with a loving family! They are rescues from a colony and are thriving in foster care! They are good with other kitties and older children. Help these lovely ladies to find their forever home! Find out more information on adopting these gorgeous girls here!



              Aurora and Audrey

Presenting Dulcie. This sweet little lady is 10 years young, located in Berowra, NSW, and just ready to retire in a calm and loving house. She is best suited to someone who has no other animals, or children. She thrives as the Queen of the house. Lets give this beauty the throne she deserves! Find out more information adopting this sweet old lady, Dulcie, here!


Murphy. *Heart eyes* Murphy is the resident three legged kitty in Castle Hill, this extremely affectionate boy is known for being a chatterbox and his bright athletic energy! This boy will go great with a cat friendly dog or older children. He will bring so much life and love to your home. Don't miss out on the opportunity to seize his heart! Find out more information about adopting Murphy here!



Find out more about all the cats who are currently up for adoption here!

The Mini Kitty Commune is doing their part all over NSW and the whole of Australia to help ease the suffering and neglect of kittens and cats alike. They need your help to continue educating, organising, rescuing, rehabilitating, fostering and adopting out these beautiful creatures to make Australia a safer place for them. Find out more information on how you can help to volunteer your time or expertise here!

This amazing organisation genuinely thrives off of the donations and sponsorship's given by all of you lovely every day people. Give a one off donation to help fight this fight here!


Follow their Facebook page here for updates, more information and a personal experience in how heart wrenching some of their stories can be here!

We here at Beserk support this organisation on a monthly basis, please, join us!

All photos used here are of currently adoptable kitties! Find links to their Facebook posts under each photo in their names. Don't miss your chance to save a life and add some love to your home! <3


Beserk xx

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