SHRINE Drop It Hair Colour! Posted on 2 Apr 15:31 , 0 comments

SHRINE is our NEWEST addition to Beserk!

Welcoming a new way to dye your hair with a product that can last months! DROP IT provides you with an awesome little kit for you to dye your hair, with a cute silicone brush and bowl, with an extremely concentrated dye that you just add to conditioner! The instructions couldn't be any simpler! 

This gives you the option to pick ANY shade of the colour you have! You can go as pastel as can be by adding 3-6 drops to the recommended amount of conditioner, or you can go really dark with 12-30 drops! 

Each bottle gives you about 30-150 washes. This product could be the turning point for at home colour kits, with its ability to be mixed with only conditioner, as well as mixing the colours to create your own shades! 

Check out the colours we have available for you today! 

Aqua Drop It!


Blue Drop It! 


Purple Drop It! 


Red Drop It! 


Pink Drop It! 


Peach Drop It!


With a stunning selection, and hopefully more to come, don't miss out on these fantastic colours today! Check them all out HERE


Beserk xx