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Restyle has introduced a new line of backpacks with these adorable Cat Mascot Backpacks! With 3 different styles to choose from, with the main difference being their eye colours and collars! The best part? You can move the arms into any position and they will stay that way! 

These adorable guys are the perfect addition to any alternative closet, or even to put on display! These cute guys will always have your back no matter where you go! 

🖤 Check out the adorable range below! 🖤

This cute little green eyed kitty has her yellow crescent moon in the centre of the forehead with adorable horns, wings and the cutest pink ears! She is also wearing a simple but cute o-ring on her collar!

Green Eyed Cat Mascot Backpack - $89.95

This little critter has a deep blood red eye colour, with a matching crescent in the centre of his forehead for a foreboding and evil look. He features cute faux leather horns and wings with the cutest inverted pentagram collar!

Red Cat Mascot Backpack - $89.95

The Violet Demonic backpack has some serious attitude. With stunning light violet eyes and dark violet ears with faux leather horns and wings. He also features the yellow crescent moon in the centre of the forehead and he has the cutest crescent moon choker!

Violet Demonic Cat Mascot Backpack - $89.95

These amazing backpacks are going to be the best thing you've ever paid money for. They are so cute! With unique styles and adorable gothic touches, they're perfect no matter what age you are! 

Check out Restyles full collection HERE

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