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Sarah Mudle is an Australian artist who specialises in special effects makeup! Creating handmade masks and prosthetics for cosplayers and halloween enthusiasts alike! These amazing unique designs are all products of Sarah's imagination, with inspiration taken from pop culture, horror movies, Halloween and more! 

We have some amazing masks from Sarah Mudle that require no outside work from you as well as prosthetics for some serious creativity! Check out her amazing pieces below! 

Unicorn Mask (Pearl Purple) - $85.95

Also comes in:
Black and White
Rose Gold
Blood Splatter

SIZE: Width 23cm, Length 28cm (Including Horn) 

Skull Face Mask (Gold) - $85.95

Also come in: 
Pearl Purple

SIZE: Width 28cm, Length 22cm

Bunny Mask (Blood Splatter) - $109.95

Also Comes in: 
Black and White 
Pearl Purple 

 Width 30cm, Length 24cm, Ears 15cm

Mr Smiley Mask (Yellow and Black Blood Splatter) - $68

SIZE: Width 26cm, Length 30cm 

Creepy Clown Mask - $85.95

SIZE: Width 29cm, Length 30cm 

Slash Wound Prosthetic - $44.95

INCLUDES: 1 Tub of Glue

Zombie Bite Prosthetic - $44.95

INCLUDES: 1 Tub of Glue



Get creative today with Sarah Mudles amazing special effects looks! Bring the prosthetics to life with special effects makeup for your own unique look! 

Get your hands on her amazing masks today and save yourself some time next time you decide to dress up! No matter what the event is, Sarah has got something for you to check out! 

Find our full collection of Sarah Mudles products HERE.

Beserk xx