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Smoko brings us some of the cutest and unique homewares and accessories!  We have some seriously adorable items to our collection!

We've added some adorable AirPod Cases and new Ambient lamps!

The NEW Smoko AirPod Cases are absolutely adorable. Keep your AirPods safe in these custom cases! 

Pearl Boba Tea AirPod Case $21.95 


Keep your AirPods safe in the loving embrace of this super kawaii Pearl Boba Tea AirPod Case!

Your love of Boba Tea will help protect your AirPods from any bumps or drops that can happen in life. The case also helps to improve your AirPods cuteness by 100% Our silicone AirPods cases have a little spot for the charging cord to fit, so you don’t need to remove the Boba Tea case at any time.

There is also a place for you to attach a keychain, that way your AirPods and sweet Pearl will always be nearby, and you’re less likely to leave her behind!

MATERIAL: Silicone

For Airpod Gen 1 & Gen 2

Little B Dumpling AirPod Case $21.95


Protect your precious AirPods from life in the real world with our kawaii cases. Little B is resurrected in the wondrous form of a silicone AirPod Case!

Make your AirPods instantly 100x cuter than they were before, and much safer from any bumps and drops that may happen day to day. Our cases have a little space for the charging cord so you don’t need to remove the dumpling at any time.

There is also a spot for you to attach a keyring, that way your AirPods and darling Little B will always be close at hand.

MATERIAL: Silicone

For Airpod Gen 1 & Gen 2

Shiro Cat Ambient Light $29.95

Shiro Cat is a kawaii, magical cat with a bright star on his forehead. His one true desire is to bring a light to brighten your darkest nights and help protect you from any impending nightmares. Whenever you wake, give Shiro a gentle tap to turn on the light. Each tap will make Shiro’s light shine even brighter, until you tap to turn off again. Shiro Cat’s soft silicone form makes him perfect for travel, so he can accompany you easily on any sleepover adventure you may embark on.

Touch sensor, turn on and off with just one touch.

Rechargeable lamp (no batteries required!). Just recharge with the cord with any compatible USB port (USB charging cable included).

MATERIAL: Soft silicone, LED Light

SIZE: Height 4.25”

Super Pusheenicorn Ambient Light $34.95

Our favorite chubby tabby Pusheen is now here in the form of the mystical Super Pusheenicorn! This Pusheenicorn ambient light is as meowgical as it is adorable. With her beautiful flowing tail and bright colored mane, we are pawsitive she will make any area of your life even more special with her glowing presence. 

Pusheenicorn is super transportable! The perfect size to pop right in your bag and take with you wherever you want to go. Super Pusheenicorn is also super clever and she will switch off her light after 1 hour to help you save her battery life. It ain't easy being this purrrfect. 

SIZE: Height 4.1", Length 6.7", Depth 3.35
Weight: 4.8oz



  • One hour auto shut-off


We are absolutely loving Smokos new additions! We hope that you love them too. If you love Smoko as much as we do check out our collection HERE

Beserk xx