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Get cozy with it Posted on 8 Sep 15:47 , 0 comments

Spring has sprung y'all!! You know what that means? You should treat yourself to some cozy and cute pjs that have just landed at Beserk!! Thank goodness that Blackcraft, Killstar and Sock it to me have dropped these bad boys to replace that old sleepwear combo you've had for way too long with some gorgeous pieces worthy of royalty! Are you keen? I know we are. 


Firstly, Let's determine your preference of sleepwear! Are you a sleep shirt type of person? Or maybe singlet and trackies person? How about a cute matching sleep set? Well it's your lucky day because we have all of these options and more, suited for everyone! 

Sleep shirt or Robe person? 
No problem!! Killstar's Batty Sleep shirt is just what you need, super soft fabric with the cutest lil luna bat design and skull buttons in a relaxed fit. This sleep shirt will become a staple in your bedroom or even on the couch! Wanna be a little extra? Pair this baby with the matching Blood Sucker sleep mask to level up your already adorable sleep shirt!
 batty sleep shirt
Blackcraft's Spirits of the dead robe is another awesome choice if you're into sleep shirts/robes. Made from 100% Polyester and paired with a hood, pockets and the coolest design on the back, going out to grab the mail has never looked so luxurious! Pair this baby with some slippers of some fuzzy socks and you'll be in your own cozy burrito of warmth comfort.
spirits of the dead robe
Singlet top with trackies or shorts?
We love a good mix and match moment here and if you don't that's okay because we have pieces that match and pieces you can mix if you please! A perfect example of a piece you can mix or match with is Killstar's moonbow cami top! How cute is this cami? Stretchy fabric ready to hug your body in all the right places with the cutest undead unicorn and mono rainbow design and gorgeous lace trim just to be a lil fancy! Pair this with the moonbow lounge pants or shorts if you love a good matchy matchy moment or maybe mix it up with the Devil's lair lounge pants by Killstar or Blackcraft's BCC Goat lunar pants.
moonbow camiBcc lounge pantsmoonbow shorts
see you in helldark lord
Wanna take your sleep fit to the next level? Of course you do, totally add some super cute Killstar slippers to the party! Either some fuzzy open toed, See you in hell slippers or the plush bubblegum dark lord slippers, whatever you may choose you can't go wrong!
Matching lounge set and socks? 
Blackcraft's cozy lounge sets are just for you if you love feeling gorgeous and a matching set combo. Coming in both pink and black, it'll satisfy your trad and pastel goth dreams as well as having the cutest embroidery on the front featuring 'Dead Inside' and 'Sinner' on the fronts of the camis. But also having the softest sherpa material ever as well as it being so stretchy ready for you and your bed. As someone who owns this set, I HIGHLY recommend it as I've never felt cuter going to bed in anything other than these, they're my new ultimate favourite!! 
 dead inside cozy setsinner cozy set
However we can't just stop there!! What about your feet? They deserve some comfy lovin too! Either pop on ya fave slippers or slip on some of Sock it to me's brand new cozy slipper sock range!! These three designs are the cutest and are for anyone! Bee Cozy, Mewnicorn and Hey Corgeous are all super soft and just cute as all hell, if these won't make your sleepwear even cuter I don't know what will. 
bee cozy hey corgeousmewnicorn
Of course there is many more choices at Beserk but these pieces are just the beginning, get keen for Spring and grab a cute sleepwear set or two ;) (we won't tell). Let us know in the comments what your favourite pieces are or if you've bagged any of these adorable sets.
Lots of love, 
Beserk xx