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Punk Rave are the leaders in gothic, punk, kawaii, lolita and alternative clothing! 

Punk Rave also encompasses Steampunk and Military inspired trends.

The elegant styles of the Victorian era make a modern appearance with Punk Rave.

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Lusome is a Scottish Gaelic word meaning "not smooth". So it perfectly sums up this sweet gothic piece from Punk Rave. The top has a dark rough appeal, like an undressed stone building. With a high turtle neckline and embroidered details all over, long sleeves and bat wing hems and cuffs, this top would look deadly matched with black bell bottoms.



With extra length in the sleeves and a choker neckline and cut out mesh panels on the chest (so you can still wear pendants or necklaces), this simple yet dramatic piece is all black and will match perfectly with black PU leggings or distress jeans.



Ultimate winter wear! (As long as you don't mind half your face covered up) Turtle neck that is worn right up over your mouth and nose. Asymmetrical zipper feature at front - can be opened as a placket. Asymmetrical hem too. Zip at the back. Extra long sleeves with a thumb hold so they're kind of fingerless mittens too. There's just so much going here it's crazy. 



Long sleeves with strips up to the elbow to sumptuously reveal your forearms, choker neckline with V chest cut out. Trim decoration at the hem of the neckline and at the back is a loop clasp with cut out. Regally sinister.



Elegance and sophistication combines with timeless Gothic in the Irma Velvet Dress from Punk Rave. Featuring open shoulders and corseted V at the cleavage, lace mesh long flared sleeves, fitted velvet bodice to accentuate your feminine silhouette, zipper at the back, velvet skirt with asymmetrical hem to expose more leg at the front. 



Timeless elegance combines with gothic sophistication in the Gothic Double Layer Dress from Punk Rave. Featuring choker neckline with large mesh placket, long mesh sleeves with placket cut-outs to the elbow and long flowy flared outer layer sleeves that drape like a black waterfall below the wrists. Lace cross straps at the cleavage will accentuate your bust, and from the waist the skirt drops down to the ankles, all velvet.



Timeless elegance combines with gothic sophistication in the Daily Gothic Dress from Punk Rave. Featuring choker neckline with large chest cutout, long fitted sleeves and double layered. All velvet, this piece is finished at the back with black lace corset style fastening, and flows all the way down to your ankles.



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