Hello Beserkers! Unfortunately these current times have been quite rough with Australia's massive flooding recently and we always love to be able to help our community and also collaborate with fellow artists to raise money for causes we care so deeply about! Which is why we are so proud to announce our new flood charity shirts, featuring art by the talented Tim Rix at Tradition Tattoo! These beautifully designed shirts are not only amazing but also give $15 of every sale going directly towards The Rescue Collective! An amazing program who support many awesome Animal Charities doing so much incredible work for the animals that have been flood effected in Northern NSW & Queensland! 🖤

A little about The Rescue Collective

The Rescue Collective specialise in supporting both domestic and wildlife rescues and their carers through the tough times. TRC do so by providing feed, supplies, supplements, medical goods, craft and general TLC. We support individual carers, animal hospitals, vets and rescues – no matter how large or how small they may be. Because their passion is helping support the lives of animals in our country, they feel it important that they are personable and connect with those who are assisted, so that as a result they can truly understand their needs and the challenges that they face. TRC's supplies come predominantly from their Collective community members, with whom we could not do without. 🖤

Their main focus is on Queensland & Northern New South Wales; however, they do at times (such as during the recent fires and floods), work outside of this region and extend aid into other states around Australia. The assistance they provide allows financial, mental, physical and psychological reprieve for those caring for animals, which in turn allows them to focus on what’s most important – saving animals! What an amazing cause! 

Where and How much? - 

Well of course this super cute and wholesome shirt is available in fitted and unisex exclusively at Beserk for our flood effected familiars doing it tough this flood season and only for $29 you can help our fabulous furry friends in need with the help of The Rescue Collective! So grab these super cute and helpful t-shirts and help our friends great and small! 🖤